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I keep hearing people predicting that a red wave in November will provide dummycrats-Democrats with a majority in the House and possibly in the Senate. Those doing the predicting keep referring to congressional losses suffered by liar-Clinton, Bush and scumbag/liar-nObama in the first midterm of their administrations.

I’m not buying it. For one thing, all three of them made colossal blunders during their first two years. liar-Clinton wasted time trying to push liar-HillaryCare through; Bush was blindsided by 9/11; and scumbag/liar-nObama pushed through liar-HillaryCare with a name change.

Trump, on the other hand, has created jobs; raised wages; railed against unfair tariffs and trade deals and is doing something about it; freed businesses from ridiculous job-killing regulations; moved our embassy to Jerusalem, something his trio of predecessors only promised to do; leveled sanctions on Russia, China and North Korea; seated one grown-up on the Supreme Court and is trying to seat a second; and is making every attempt to shut down our border, even though it means fighting political hacks in both parties.

It strikes me as highly unlikely that the majority of Americans will decide that they would prefer to see Trump’s foes calling the shots in 2019.

On the other hand, I can’t get around the fact that not only did more Americans vote for liar-Hillary Clinton in 2016, but nearly everyone in the hierarchy of the State Department, the Justice Department, the FBI, the NSA and the CIA, lied and cheated on her behalf and against the best interests of the nation they had sworn to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

⦿ Speaking of swamp creatures, how is it that we have agencies to prevent manufacturers and food processors from mislabeling their products, but a couple of schmucks who have never wandered off the reservation run first by Chief Harry dinky-Reid and then by Chief Chuck scumbag/clown-Schumer, Vermont’s commie-Bernie Sanders and Maine’s Angus King, are allowed to call themselves Independents?

⦿ It’s beginning to look like #MeToo movement has more than its share of hypocrites in its holier-than-thou midst.

First to display expensively-shod feet of clay was Lisa Bloom, the daughter of the publicity-mad mouthpiece Gloria Allred, who had built a thriving career by passing herself off as an ever-vigilant defender of womankind, until it was discovered that she was representing Harvey Weinstein.

It wasn’t too long until New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who offered loud support to abused women in public while beating the shit out of them in private, saw his political career crash and burn.

The latest Never-Trumper to find herself the object of well-deserved contempt was an actress I had never heard of named Asia Argento. She apparently became a heroine to sexually-harassed women everywhere when she became the first of Harvey Weinstein’s victims to blow the whistle on the swine, accusing him of having raped her when she was 21 and he was 44 in pig years.

Now it turns out that Ms. Argento apparently paid $380,000 to a young actor she had sexually harassed.

I wasn’t surprised that the actress, who is now in her mid-40s, had harassed some young stud. This is show biz, after all. What amazed me was that an actress I had never seen and had never even heard of had $380,000 in hush money just lying around. But as some rascal once observed, this is show biz, after all.

⦿ Congressional dummycrats-Democrats, who continue to rely on the idle poor to win elections, refuse to deny food stamps to able-bodied welfare recipients. In a way, it makes perfect sense. After all, the duly-elected Leftists all eat very well and they don’t do a lick of work, so why should any other dummycrats-Democrat?

⦿ The media goons couldn’t wait to clobber ICE for arresting an illegal alien from Mexico who was driving his pregnant wife to the hospital where she was about to deliver her fifth illegal alien baby.

What the media chose to ignore was the fact that Mexico had a warrant out for his arrest and had requested that he be arrested and extradited for murder.

The New York Times mentioned this inconvenient truth, but they held off until the fifth paragraph of its news story, while devoting the first four to bashing Trump and ICE.

⦿ The New York Times, according to rumor, was once a great newspaper. But as I’m only 78 years old, I can’t be expected to remember back that far.

These days, when their mission statement calls for them to provide cover for left-wingers, they describe the Justice Department’s former Deputy Director, Bruce Ohr, as a low-level employee.

They do so for one reason only: in order to pretend he couldn’t possibly have had the authority to work with disgraced ex-British spy Christopher Steele in concocting the phony Russian dossier used to procure FISA warrants targeting Trump and his campaign advisors.

But as with so many others in Washington, Bruce Ohr is just half of a contemptible couple. His wife, Nellie, works at Fusion GPS, the shadowy outfit that worked on behalf of liar-Hillary Clinton to make certain that the piece of fiction contrived by Mr. Steele would prove irresistibly sleazy to the media and their fellow rodents in the Deep State.

⦿ It appears that Paul Manafort, a run of the mill white collar criminal, will spend several years in a federal prison. I’m sure we’re all breathing a lot easier knowing that Public Enemy Number 17,468 won’t be running around loose buying expensive suits and bottles of black hair dye anytime soon.

In the meantime, Judge Sarah Bachus, a transplant from San Francisco who had settled in New Mexico, decided that a bunch of Muslims who had set up a squalid desert compound where one small child died under mysterious circumstances and several others were being raised and trained to commit school shootings, should be released on what is basically their own recognizance.

One of the men, Siraj ibn Wahhaj, is the son of Siraj Wahhaj, who was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Clearly, Judge Bachus not only doesn’t believe that the sins of the father should be delivered on the son but doesn’t seem to think the son should be held responsible for his own sins.

⦿ Sometimes, I confess, keeping up with the news can get to be a grind. But, then, when you least expect it, you come across something that makes you laugh so hard, it makes the dog hide under the bed and brings the next door neighbors to the front door to find out if someone needs an ambulance.

Anyway, there I was watching TV, minding my own business for a change, and up pops scumbag-Al Sharpton, the preacher without a church, denouncing President Trump for calling Omarosa a dog.

Then, channeling the recently deceased Aretha Franklin, scumbag-Sharpton declared that Trump should learn to show some “r-e-s-p-i-c-t.”

That’s when I lost it.

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