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Richard Eugene Thorton, Jr. commented on Bruce Davis's blog post SEQUESTRATION BY CONGRESS WAS TANTAMOUNT TO BEING TRAITOROUS
10 seconds ago
tony newbill replied to Bob Bennett's discussion Dr. Strangelove Comes to Washington
"Judge's Jeanine and Napolitano  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
14 seconds ago
Christopher A. Brown replied to Nick Short's discussion Obama's DOJ is a Criminal Syndicate
"The reapeated lies and manipulation of MSM lend to the corruption imposed by media generally, over generations. All of it a part of the abridging of the PURPOSE of free speech. We are social beings. When a group begins to use, appreciate,…"
10 minutes ago
mgaedeke replied to Bob Bennett's discussion Dr. Strangelove Comes to Washington
"I hope you clicked on the YES link on that site - if not, go ahead and do it. I hope you have good sense for identifying phishing attempts and malware... "
11 minutes ago
Agi Yaeger replied to Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer's discussion Don "The Con" Trampo
"You can quote from all the trash Salon like sites as much as you want. As far as I know, Cruz has integrity. How would a liberal even know what integrity is, they haven't practiced that  in a century. I hold integrity high on the list…"
14 minutes ago
Rudy Tirre posted a blog post

Monday AM ~ TheFrontPageCover

The Front Page Cover 2016             The truth will set you free Featuring:Mr. liar-Trump Goes to Washingtonby Peggy Noonan~~~. liar-HILLY’S EMAIL LINE DOESN’T WORK liar-Hilly Clinton's often used line that her use of private email was acceptable has run into a problem due to a newly released State Department report.           In true liar-Clintonian fashion her campaign is sticking with that defense in rebutting a…See More
24 minutes ago
Lloyd Marcus posted a blog post

Memorial Day: Reflecting On Heroes

A few Memorial Days ago, I recall myself comfy on the sofa overstuffed with cookout delights, watching a documentary on TV about conscientious objectors. The program portrayed these guys as moral superiors. I thought, “You guys are able to bloviate about the evils of war and pursue careers as American artists, college professors, and so on because other brave young men went to war to fight for you;…See More
24 minutes ago
tony newbill replied to Bob Bennett's discussion Dr. Strangelove Comes to Washington
28 minutes ago
mgaedeke replied to Bob Bennett's discussion Dr. Strangelove Comes to Washington
"Nice strategy. Who does the vetting?"
36 minutes ago
Thomas Max Jonker replied to Bob Bennett's discussion Dr. Strangelove Comes to Washington
"C'mon. The irreversible treachery was the Clinton Administration.  MIC bought them, and we will pay dearly. Too briefly, I marveled and wondered at the potentials of Pax Americana after we declawed The adversaries. TRUMP ambivalence might…"
43 minutes ago
mgaedeke replied to Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer's discussion Don "The Con" Trampo
"Those "man on the streets" videos are SO distorting reality, Catherine. They reflect 1% of the people interviewed for that very segment. So don't be sad... It's all through the magic of television. LOTS of editing, staging, and…"
54 minutes ago
mgaedeke replied to Bob Bennett's discussion Mr. Hyde Strikes Again: Will Trump Destroy Himself, the GOP —or Both?
"You mean Hillary Rodham Clinton, our next President, and Barack Hussein Obama, the current one? Have you even thought it through, what you will do, if Trump loses? I know that if Trump wins, I'll have to accept that he is our President, and…"
57 minutes ago



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Dr. Strangelove Comes to Washington

Started by Bob Bennett. Last reply by tony newbill 15 seconds ago. 123 Replies

Obama's DOJ is a Criminal Syndicate

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Don "The Con" Trampo

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An update from Tea Party Nation

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Hillary to be Indicted on Federal Racketeering Charges

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Let's EDUCATE Donald Trump; respectfully

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Can A Liberal Be #NeverTrump Based On Principles Alone?

Started by Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer. Last reply by Rev. Larry Wallenmeyer 18 hours ago. 6 Replies

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