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Can We Add Agency Law To Our Growing List Of Grievances?

Tip of the hat to The Daily Caller whose video I did not embed here due to their insistence upon the usage of autoplay, something I view as evil. Please click here, for their story, complete with a recorded phone conversation in which an apologetic banker gets to tell a business owner who had held an account at said bank for over a decade, that the government had forced his account to be frozen for no…See More
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jerry dudley replied to David Farrar's discussion Breaking News on Sen Cruz's eligibility
"We have to go by the Constitution and by not going by the Constitution is the reason we are in such a mess now. "
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"Paper ballots don't work either....REMEMBER ballot box stuffing?  That's why we went to "electronic" voting!   Cheaters will always find a way to cheat!  Now that the illegals have licenses, and social…"
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"I am so confused! I thought the GOP had the majority in the House & the Senate.......after yesterday it would seem that Reid & Pelosi are still in charge.     :("
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The Democrat nominee will be….

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