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2 minutes ago
Mike Meeks replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Leadership by failure.
"Murphy's Law at its best.   Promote someone to their highest level of incompetence and leave them there.  Heck, he was sorry as a before he ever became Speaker."
7 minutes ago
Mary Jo Hudnall replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Playing the field
"LEGAL immigration of high skilled immigrants is NOT a bad thing. I agree with Ted Cruz that we need to KEEP the highly skilled graduates.  Students come here for an education and we send them home.  Where I live in Texas I have met many…"
12 minutes ago
tony newbill commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Sarah Palin Too Toxic for 2016?
" What has become to toxic is exactly what Jefferson said would happen , and any true good constitutional candidate that promotes the Jefferson Value stated here can rally the nation together .   What Palin did in taxing Big Oil instead of…"
15 minutes ago
Gary L Hastriter liked Judson Phillips's discussion Leadership by failure.
16 minutes ago
Joan Manhardt shared Seton Motley's blog post on Facebook
16 minutes ago
Joan Manhardt liked Seton Motley's blog post Three More Obama Admin Casualties: Congress, Federalism - and Humility
17 minutes ago
Evelyn Whalen liked Judson Phillips's discussion Leadership by failure.
18 minutes ago
Sumsanity commented on CAP BLACK THE HOOD CONSERVATIVE's blog post Muskogee Police Video Underscores Self-Destructive Lifestyle of Chocolate Klansmen
"Where's Al Sharpton? Getting his hair greased down?"
19 minutes ago
Vern Shotwell replied to Bill Levy's discussion WE DID IT - OBAMA RELENTS ON PROPOSAL TO END 529 COLLEGE ACCOUNTS!!
"To be precise, Obama wanted to tax 529's. Of course the savings plans would have become useless if taxed. This was part of Obama's "tax the rich = help the middle class" mantra. It made some sense in these days of Socialism! If…"
19 minutes ago
Debrajoe Smith-Beatty replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Leadership by failure.
"The GOP will remain nothing as long as Mitch McCopnnell is the "leader"."
29 minutes ago
Vern Shotwell replied to Judson Phillips's discussion Leadership by failure.
""Leadership by Failure", Judson? No, it seems more like Leadership by Success to me! Leadership by the Position of Maximum Power. He aligns with Obama on Immigration, right? So, he's got the tacit approval of the executive branch. The…"
34 minutes ago



Welcome to Tea Party Nation!


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